Mike MacDonald, Guest author

Mike & Liz

Hello.  My name is Mike, and this site is intended to provide potential Ross students and their spouses information about a tiny Caribbean country that my wife and I made our home for almost 2 years.  First allow me to give you a little background information about us:

In September 2000 I went on my last first date with a cute young woman named Liz.  She was a sophomore at Mercer University in Macon GA, and I was working as an accountant in the area.  Within a couple of years we were engaged, she was trying to get into medical school, and my career was chaotically changing in the corporate world.  After a few years of not getting into medical school Liz was just about ready to give up, but then she heard of Ross University and asked how I would feel about leaving the country with her to go to a foreign medical school.  I believe my exact words were “What the hell would I do?!”  However, I assured her that I was behind her 100% even though I never wanted her to be a doctor in the first place.  The idea of leaving my career behind and moving to a strange foreign country was scary, however Liz and I have always and still believe that couples should always stay together, so I decided to be the one to make that sacrifice.  Soon after that we were in Miami for her Ross interview along with 2 other people, and I even got to talk to students who had been to Ross, so it was a good feeling.  Soon after that I was sitting in my cubicle at work when the phone rang.  The first thing I heard was “Pack your bags honey because we’re moving to the Caribbean!”  At that moment a couple hundred people throughout the office heard me yell “Holy s#@t!!!!”  A couple of months later we landed in Dominica on new year’s eve 2006, sitting at the beach enjoying the sunset along with some Kubuli’s.

Adjusting to a new life on a tropical island wasn’t exactly easy.  I had been used to going to my 8 to 5 job every day, and now my hardest decision every day was figuring out what I wanted to do.  There were lots of ups and downs for me living in Dominica for the next 20 months, however I made the best of things, had amazing times, took tons of photos and videos, got married there, and became a great tour guide.  2 years after moving back to the US, I still consider Dominica to be more of a home than anywhere else.

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