Pralines and Peanut Tablets

Dominican Peanut Tablet

Last week one of my local friends showed up at my door with this round, caramel colored sweet treat in a clear baggie for me. I yelled out, “Pralines! Where did you get that ??!!”. She laughed and corrected me in the same breath, “no, we call this looga”(guessing on the spelling). I tried to explain to my friend that where I come from, this nutty candy-like dessert is a creole essential. I have asked some other locals about what they call this mixture of sugar and nuts and the more popular term is “peanut tablet” or simply “tablet”.

Yet again, a little piece of french creole culture from home surfaces here in Dominica. The main difference between the Dominican peanut tablet and the New Orleans style praline is that with the praline, pecans are the nut of the choice as they are most abundant in the southern states. I could not find any information online about the Dominican tablet, however I did find this interesting article entitled, “Pralines by Haitian French Creole Natives” by Chantal T.  This author shed a little light on the subject for me. Check it out.

About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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