Scheduled Power Outages by DOMLEC

Did you know that Dominica’s electrical company, DOMLEC, schedules power outages ? If you listen to local radio you will hear them announce the outages when they are planned in the area where you live. On their website, Domlec lists by year, month, week, day etc. when an outage is scheduled, where it is scheduled for, and for what reason. It looks like there are no scheduled outages for Picard in October. Yea ! Check out their “scheduled outages” tab for more information…that way you will know in advance if a power outage is scheduled say the weekend before an exam-which does happen. 

02 Cool Fan


Now, for all of those unscheduled outages…If you are sans generator like me, it is worth investing in some battery operated fans. I am one of those people that cannot sleep if I am too hot. I found this fan at Walmart on my last break at home for about 14 USD. It is large enough to keep you cool, folds up in your suitcase, has a high/low setting, and can also be plugged in. It runs on several D batteries which I brought back with me also. Finding good batteries here that are not DOA or obnoxiously priced can be a challenge. The company that makes this fan also makes a small personal size battery operated fan that I have seen students carry around with them on campus while they study outside. 

I’m sure you can find battery operated fans locally, I just have not figured out where to get them. You can get some of the tiny hand held ones at James Store. Fourth semester sale, which is held at the end of every semester, is  a great  place to find battery operated fans, as well as the large, powerful standing fans. 

Staying cool on the Moo Cow,

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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1 Response to Scheduled Power Outages by DOMLEC

  1. Heather says:

    You have some great info on here! Love it! I just recommended your site to a student arriving on the island in December! Miss you! Heather

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