Sushi in Dominica !!!!

(Update Jan. 2012 : The Ancient Capital in Roseau is no longer open. You can find the sushi chef and his crew in Picard at the “The Usual Spot”, 767-445-5777)

I have recently discovered the best place, well almost the only place, that serves sushi in Dominica. Hidden in the streets of the capital city, Roseau, is a top quality Asian fusion restaurant that serves Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisine. The name of the restaurant is Ancient Capital Restaurant and Bar, located near where Church St. and Castle St. intersect. If you are standing at the bayfront in Roseau near the old market souvenir area, Church St. is the street on the right side of the old market. The restaurant is about two blocks up from the bayfront on the right hand side, second floor.

Ancient Capital Restaurant

The atmosphere of Ancient Capital is cool and calm. There is a great breeze coming off the balcony and ceiling fans to keep you comfortable while you dine. Soothing oriental music plays quietly in the background. The appetizers on the menu range from dumplings to tempura dishes and soups to lettuce wraps. If you do not care for sushi, you have a choice of a great variety of seafood, chicken, pork, beef,  duck, or vegetarian dishes.

We tried the miso soup as it is one of our favorite soups and we have never seen it served in Dominica. Such a treat ! We sampled the Crunchy Roll (shrimp,tempura, avocado) and the Asia Roll (tuna, crab, avocado, mayo). They were out of tuna this particular day so they substituted blue marlin. The sushi tasted just as good as an upscale sushi bar from the US. We shared the curry shrimp which I have to say is the best yellow curry I have had on the island.

Ancient Capital Dining Room

Japanese style Miso Soup


Curry Shrimp

If all the Chinese restaurants in Picard have lost their appeal to you and you need to get away from the Ross bubble, take a trip to Ancient Capital and check it out. Opening hours are 11:30 am to 9:30 pm Monday-Saturday and 4:30pm to 9pm Sundays and Holidays. They are cash only. Regarding prices, a sushi roll of 6 pieces is anywhere from 20 EC to 35 EC. Main dishes range from 25 EC to 80 EC (lobster). Bill is subject to 15% VAT. Call 767-448-6628 for reservations.

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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