Alexis George of Alexis Taxi

Alexis George

Meet Alexis George. Alexis, Dominican by birth, has been working hard building his business, Alexis Taxi, since 1994. Alexis and his family offer various services to the Ross community. So what is it exactly that he does ?

Alexis is your go to guy for any questions you have related to shipping things to Dominica via Tropical Shipping, airport transportation, customs, and private taxi services. He has experience networking with major companies that ship to Dominica-Tropical Shipping, Amerijet, Laparkan, and Bernuth etc. Alexis dispatches his associates to pick up student and faculty belongings from customs. Once you arrive to Dominica, he can assist you with getting around Dominca-either by helping you import a car, renting a scooter, or by offering you a driver to taxi you short or long distances. His airport taxis are well used by students and faculty alike.

I met with Alexis and asked him if he had an advice or recommendations for incoming students and how to ship things to Dominica. Here is what he shared:

  • Regarding shipping to Dominica, he finds Tropical Shipping very reliable. Shipments by sea (from Miami to Dominica) take about one week. If you are shipping from the west coast, like California, shipment may take two weeks. There is a flat rate for shipping barrels through Tropical shipping, which is not the case with other shipping companies.
  • Regarding shipping boxes vs. barrels, Alexis recommends shipping barrels because they are more durable and can be locked.
  • Alexis prefers to be contacted before your goods are shipped to Dominica.
  • Advice on packing your barrel: Do not pack valuables such as jewelry in your barrels. Laptops are best brought to Dominica as carry on luggage aboard the plane. There are high customs fees on electronics, especially if they appear to be new. If you have to send something like your favorite stereo down to Dominica in a barrel, include your receipt in the barrel so customs will not charge you for what may appear to be a new electronic. Your receipt will prove it is a used item. If you have higher value items like CD’s and DVD’s pack them toward the bottom of the barrel for safety.
  • Alexis has specific men that go to customs to retrieve your belongings. They have no control whatsoever over what the customs officers may charge you for duty/customs fees. As a general rule though, appliances, stereos, electronics, bottled water, energy drinks, soda etc. have higher customs fees. Duty may be based on “customs value” not the actual value of a particular item. Alexis taxi service pays your customs fees upfront. You must go to his office across the main gates from RUSM to reimburse him before your barrels can be delivered.

Other services Alexis Taxi offers that you can benefit from:

  • Alexis rents scooters on a weekly, monthly, or semester basis
  • Airport runs. A pick up from the airport costs about 120 -150 EC. If there are several people in the taxi, the total cost is split among you. If you have a relative coming to visit, you can ride with the taxi driver to the airport and get taxied back home for 150 EC.
  • Moving services. If you are planning a move from one apartment to another or to a house, Alexis can transport all of your belongings for you. Alexis can also repatriate your belongings once your time in Dominica has come to end. You can purchase barrels for shipping at Alexis Taxi.
  • Personal drivers for hire. If you want to plan a day in Roseau or go out on some kind of excursion, Alexis can provide you with a driver for the day.
  • Taxi in Picard. If you need transport around the Picard area during the day, you can always call Alexis Taxi to see if there is a driver available.

Alexis is happy to answer any of your questions. He prefers to be contacted by email at: OR  (yes, with two ii’s)
Office Phone: 767-445-6303
Cell Phone: 767-235-5326 or 767-616-5326
Facebook: Alexis Taxi

Updated November 2014

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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6 Responses to Alexis George of Alexis Taxi

  1. Reblogged this on From Louisiana to Dominica and commented:

    Updated information on Alexis Taxi, including his new Facebook page!

  2. Chrissy says:

    For students planning on shipping grocery items to Dominica from N. America. http://www.shipabox offers pre packaged grocery barrels or customized barrels for your convenience. Take advantage of our low prices. We do all the work so you don’t have to

  3. shippingnewbie says:

    when you say keep receipts… where do the receipts need to go then?
    and with energy drinks, how much higher is customs? can u give us an example of how much it is so we can be prepared?

    • Tape a copy of the receipt to the item. As far as how much customs fees tend to be for energy drinks, your best bet is to call Alexis. His employees that go to customs regularly may be able to give you an approximate idea of how much they usually charge. I have never actually shipped the drinks myself. I buy the individual powder mixes (like Propel etc) so I can pack a bunch in my suitcase. The powders are light-weight and I can add them easily to bottled water when I am on the go. You can buy Red Bull, Gatorade, Vitamin Water and other sports drinks on island. In Picard I think a can of Red Bull costs around 8-10 EC (3.00-3.75 US) and Gatorade is about 5-6 EC (1.90-2.25 US) fyi. It may be cheaper in the grocery stores around the capital.

  4. I will try to find out for you. What city/state will you be shipping barrels from ?

  5. ROMILDA says:

    Where can we find barrels? Can they be found in stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s?

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