Thank you Scotia Bank

Well today was one of those days–the NBD ATM’s on campus kept spitting out receipts that read “transaction unsuccessful”. Hmmmmm. The ATM would not honor a transaction from my US account, which is usually no problem. So I played the game–Ok, let me go to the other ATM on campus and see if it is working…ok let me try another card..let me go get my spouse’s card…let me pray the machine won’t eat my card etc, etc….To no avail. The bank on campus is closed and of course it’s Friday.  It’s never an easy feeling when I can’t access my US checking account for no apparent reason. You start thinking crazy things from all the bizarre island tales you have heard like, “Oh no ! Another crime ring from Antigua emptied my account!”.

I remembered seeing that in the Perky’s Pizza strip mall area signs for Scotia Bank had gone up. So, I took a short walk to go check it out…and there it was…the new, shiny Scotia Bank ATM (insert angelic singing). Jackpot! Transaction successful, with a 6.50 service charge, but successful nevertheless. Thanks Scotia Bank. You rock. It will be nice to have another ATM to use when the NBD machinery is faltering and/or out of money for the day.


About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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2 Responses to Thank you Scotia Bank

  1. So there is a Scotia Bank across from the school and not just in Roseau? Im starting in September, and as Im currently in MERP where there is also Scotia Bank it would be quite handy.

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