Desperately Seeking Haircut

“I need a haircut terribly, guess I’ll wait till break and get it cut at home”.  I hear this all the time. One of my reasons for starting this blog is because most of us are foreigners in the land of Picard, Dominica and we don’t know where to go to get what we need. Not all businesses are online here so you can’t just google them to get contact information. Have you ever seen a phone book in Dominica ? If I need to look up a phone number, I ask one of the faculty secretaries if I can borrow their phone book. Most of us either don’t have the time to hunt down local resources or by the time we do find the people and places that offer services we need, it is about our time to leave the island.

You get a lot of info about resources here by word of mouth. I discovered a little gem this month. Her name is Taylor Phillips. She is one of the many Ross spouses that gives of her time and talent to help meet the needs of the Ross community. Taylor is from Canton, TX where she and many of her family members serve their local community as hairdressers. Taylor worked as a professional hairdresser for seven years prior to accompanying her husband to Dominica.

So now you don’t have to wait till December break to get a haircut. You don’t have to go home looking like Chewbacca. You can call Taylor at 295-6092 to make an appointment. Her husband is a third semester though, so don’t wait too long to call 🙂 . Taylor is quick, skilled, set up close to campus, and very affordable. Check her out y’all.

About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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