Pizza Hut, Roseau, Dominica

Pizza Hut Delivery Roseau, Dominica

Well, we’ve heard the rumor for some time that Pizza Hut was coming to Dominica. Today when I was walking near IGA Whitchurch in Roseau, suddenly I saw all the red and the familiar logo out of the corner of my eye…there it was, a Pizza Hut appeared out of nowhere. I was excited and sad at the same time.

The Roseau Pizza Hut is set up as a delivery/pick up only location.  You can see the nifty delivery scooter in the photo above. There is no dining area inside the restaurant. I did try to locate the delivery phone number for all you 5th & 6th semester students living in Roseau, but to no avail. If some readers have it, please post in the comments below. The location is on the corner of Old St. and Cork St. (?).  If you are walking on Old St. past IGA and Courts, keep going a few blocks south and you will see it on the corner. The Fed Ex building is on the opposite corner.

I have mixed feelings about American fast food popping up in the “nature isle”. Subway restaurant is here, as well as KFC. It’s amazing that McDonalds hasn’t surfaced. Having the convenience of fast food is always nice when you are in a hurry. But that’s just it, Dominica is not usually a hurried culture-unless there is a motor vehicle involved, then suddenly “island time” is non-existent. What makes Dominica unique as a Caribbean island is that it offers eco-tourism, untouched rainforests, abundant vegetation, miles of hiking trails, and a high population of centenarians-an image of health and wellness. So, it that respect, Pizza Hut seems less than ideal. However, I can imagine for the people who work in Roseau, for All Saints med school that is close by and for the sake of tourism, perhaps bringing Pizza Hut was a wise business move.

Now, the other rumor that is going around is that Pizza Hut is going to appear with the new IGA in Picard, Dominica. I have no idea if there is any truth to this. We’ll just have to wait and see. To be continued….

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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7 Responses to Pizza Hut, Roseau, Dominica

  1. vaneessa says:

    i would like to see there

  2. Thanks for the info. RSS added !

  3. Adam Ant says:

    I’m a local and I came across your blog whilst looking for info on Pizza Hut.

    Your blog is great! You seem really informed on a lot of things going around here (even more than me in some cases!). Never knew there was sushi knocking around in Roseau. I’ll check it out for sure!

    I also loved your piece on the ‘suicide bike run’ through Dominica’s interior, U definitely got guts I must say! I don’t know ANYBODY who’s ever even considered doing that even when we were younger! That was just brilliant!

    You ever thought of putting an RSS feed on here?

    • Glad to have another reader. I am in the process of adding more guest authors (such as Mike in Dominica who wrote the piece on Biking in Dominica). Stay tuned for more of Mike’s adventures and for some great info by some avid runners of the hills of Dominica.

      Tell me more about using an RSS feed.

  4. corn says:

    the number is 617-7777

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