Boa Constrictor Nebulosa

Boa Constrictor Nebulosa, Dominica (Photo per Louisiana2dominica)

So, this week I was riding a bus up in the Roseau Valley area and BAM ! Here was this man standing on the side of the road draped with a lovely boa constrictor. This is the only live boa I have seen in Dominica, and certainly the closest I have ever been to such a large snake. Locally, this boa is called tete-chien and scientifically boa constrictor nebulosa or the clouded boa. From the reading I did online, it seems that boa nebulosa is restricted to Dominica ? They eat chickens, iguanas, and the agouti.  I was amazed at how calm and relaxed this young man was. He cuddled the boa like a baby. Here is another view. Wonder what the trick is to having a boa constrictor around your neck and not getting your jugular squeezed to death ?

Boa Constrictor Nebulosa, Dominica (photo per louisiana2dominica)

About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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1 Response to Boa Constrictor Nebulosa

  1. Heather says:

    I love this! I always loved looking at the snakes when I was there… Thankfully I was able to see one of those big guys on the Boiling Lake Hike! Love it!

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