IGA (Whitchurch) Grocery, Picard, Dominica

IGA November 2010

Here is the progress on the IGA Whitchurch Grocery in Picard, Dominica. It is supposed to open mid-December. Alleluia !

IGA Picard Dominica November 2010


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Native New Orleanian relocated to the island of Dominica.
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4 Responses to IGA (Whitchurch) Grocery, Picard, Dominica

  1. Not yet, but hopefully in January. They have just painted the outside. You can see an updated pic here :


  2. DEG says:

    Is the new IGA in Picard open for business?

  3. Nate says:

    I appreciate your blog. I will beginning medical school at Ross in September of 2011. Right now, I am debating as to what kind of laptop I should get. Do you have some time to help me get the most compatible with Ross’ systems?


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