Christmas break on island

I returned to Dominica yesterday after a little vaca to the States. While at home, I had my fill of family, food, 3D movies, shopping, and commercialism. It’s nice to be back in warm sunshine, peace and quiet, and soft Caribbean breezes.

Picard, the community surrounding Ross University, is quite dead. Not too many people around-a few faculty members, a few tourists, and a tiny trickle of new students. Campus is open right now. It will close at some point for Christmas. The gym is open from 8-4 during break-whew! Most of the restaurants in the area are closed except for Bobs Chinese, Golden Dragon, and KFC. They all deliver–woo hoo ! Their phone numbers are under my “Restaurants” tab if you need them. Piccolo’s hot dog stand was open on campus today. Subway and Rituals Coffee are closed. Looks like DeChamps will be serving a meal on Sunday Dec. 26th.

I was surprised to find some changes that have taken place while I was gone. The inside of the NBD on campus has had an overhaul. It looks really nice. The main ATM outside the bank has been replaced with a sleek new model and they moved the outer wall where the ATM used to be. They also added two new mini-ATMs in the foyer outside Subway on campus, which means there will now be 4 ATMs on campus-cha ching! (Update Jan. 2012, these mini ATMs are no longer on campus-we have one working ATM on campus at this time, and one other one in the works).

NBD renovation on campus


NBD Mini ATMs in Subway foyer

A-1 taxi is running as usual-445-4154.  They will be closed on Christmas Day. So make plans accordingly. IGA Whitchurch is not open yet, but they have done some painting.

IGA Whitchurch, Picard Dominica Dec. 2010

7-11 and Tina’s are open for grocery shopping. Does anyone know if they will have market this Friday morning in Portsmouth since it’s Christmas Eve ?

See y’all around ! Happy Holidays 🙂

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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6 Responses to Christmas break on island

  1. Awwww the two mini ATMs on the Subway deck are no longer available. New ATM being placed outside the Micro/Pharm dept.

  2. Heramb says:

    Question, I am going to ross in sept. Should bring folder,pen,pencil, loose paper and stuff from USA or can I buy it there if so where?

    • I am sure you have heard that the university no longer has a book store on the Dominica campus. They are using an online bookstore. You can buy these items at James Store and 7-11 in Picard. My advice though would be to bring a few school supplies of your own when you come, because your classmates I’m sure will all be looking for the same thing at the same time. Once you get here, a small business called Island Thrift should be back on campus selling these supplies. Search for them on Facebook.

  3. Maday says:

    I am going with my son who starts in Jan 2011 and we are arriving on the 29th and became concern in finding a place to eat when I heard that restaurants close during the break. Thank you for the information

  4. Maday says:

    Do you know when the local restaurants start opening up as I know they close during the break.

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