Picard gets a pulse

Life is starting to return to Picard. Much more activity happening now. The holiday season is winding down and the local businesses are slowly opening. New students and their families are wandering around with their cameras out and trying to figure out where to go for fun and food. The Ross Welcoming Committee has begun hosting tours around the island for all the newcomers.

So what’s open now ? For grocery shopping in Picard, Tina’s Grocery and 7-11 are open. As far as restaurants, so far KFC, Golden Dragon, Bob’s, Hai Rong, Ott’s Fusion, La Flambeau, and Riverside have opened. Rituals coffee house opened today but it looks like the hours are shorter than usual as they were closed for dinner. Most of the shacks are still closed, but Ms. Betsy was there today selling fruit, vegetables, and drinks.  

The CAC and the gym will  re-open this Monday at 8 am. Classes resume on Monday the 10th. Till then we will all be busy getting as much R&R as possible and exploring this gorgeous island. On days like today when we have fantastic weather, you have to get out and enjoy Dominica. This morning we hung out at the beach watching the rowdy winter waves of the Caribbean Sea, then did some hiking topped off with chilly river swimming. Perfect day!

PS. We tried Ott’s Fusion for dinner, which is not new to Picard, but recently under new management. It used to be called Stabox/Fusion Bar, located directly across from the shacks. Ott (who many of you may recognize because he used to be a waiter at PBH) was on site taking orders. He gave us good service with a smile. The menu had a nice variety of breakfast food, wraps, pastas, sandwiches, sides, hot meals etc. Everyone at the table tonight loved their meal. Bonus. Atmosphere was nice and breeze was phenomenal. They plan to offer delivery at some point, but I don’t think it is up running yet. Check it out y’all.

About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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