Rituals Picard gets Decaf

(Update Jan. 2012-Rituals Coffee House is now closed. A small portion of their menu is available at Pic N Go on campus, including decaf coffee).

I’m sure all you study fiends out there need grande Cappuccinos from Rituals to help you burn the midnight oil. Totally understandable. Coffee and studying go hand in hand. I started drinking coffee way before college. My mom used to make us coffee-milk growing up. In New Orleans, you can find a coffee shop every couple of miles. They are major socializing thoroughfares. Much of our coffee has chicory in it and is not for the faint of heart, but wow Dominica coffee is strong and not exactly to my liking. When I first arrived in Picard, Dominica, Rituals was not even here yet. I had to go on a special outing to Rituals Roseau location to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Of course, back then there was a book store open on campus that did sell coffee that was non-Dominican.

Anyway, Dominica is one of the first places I’ve come across that seems to have a caffeine phobia. The local health care providers are quick to do teaching on the importance of a diet low in caffeine. I do applaud them for their effort. Afterall, caffeine is a drug. Of course, there are studies out there that say a healthy dose of caffeine is good for treating headache pain and preventing other diseases. I have also met a lot of people in the Ross community that abstain from caffeine for religious reasons. I decided to take the caffeine free challenge to see if it made a noticeable difference in my life and if it was sustainable in Dominica.

I found that trying to find caffeine free drinks in Dominica when you are out or on the go can be time consuming if you get tired of drinking water and don’t care for overly sweetened juice. The Cafe on campus has some vitamin waters that don’t have caffeine, as well as Sprite/Sprite Zero.  The vending machines on campus by the gym sell sprite and A&W products too. The Tomato restaurant sells some caffeine free sodas. When doing shopping in Roseau and Picard, you can certainly find decaf coffee and teas for sale. So, going on a caffeine free diet is possible here. Keep in mind that cocoa does have caffeine in it, so don’t go crazy on the local delicacy chocolate tea.

Back to Rituals….Rituals has had a variety of decaf teas (chamomile, mint tea etc.) that have been available for some time. Yesterday, the manager showed me her new decaf coffee product. Yea! Finally ! I can go on coffee dates now and actually drink coffee. I tried a cup today and it was really good. Not disappointing at all.

In other coffee news…did you hear that a new coffee plant is going to be built around Portsmouth ? Check out the story here at the Dominica Central Newspaper Online.


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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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One Response to Rituals Picard gets Decaf

  1. H says:

    Hey, I have been trying to drink less caffeine also, mainly for health reasons. I went to the doctor and had high blood pressure and it freaked me out. I started out by buying the folgers half decaf. and today I bought the decaf. Hope all is going well! Love reading your blog.

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