Moo Cow Trail Makeover

Balvine Road / Moo Cow Trail work begins

Well, it’s looking like the Moo Cow Swamp is about to be put out to pasture. Everyone said, “it will never happen” but it appears some local landlords are trying to clean up the trail. This week there are workers with heavy machinery cutting back the brush overgrowth, widening the road, laying gravel and constructing some moats. Hope some asphalt is to follow.

Since I’ve been on island Moo Cow Trail has been a rocky, muddy collection of large potholes. During rainy season you have to walk daintily around the massive, deep puddles and gigantor cow patties as taxis speed by and throw water on you while your umbrella is inverting. This is life along the Moo Cow Trail. But I gotta tell ya, I love Moo Cow Trail despite it’s poor road conditions and fabricated rumors about crime. I’ve considered moving several times, but I really don’t want to live in any other area of Picard. I love the sound of the Picard River rushing to the Caribbean Sea as I walk to campus. Moo Cow is less congested than Lizard and Banana Trail. I love that it is so quiet and peaceful that I can hear when the Jaco parrots are feeding in the tree in the backyard.

I hope Lizard Trail gets a makeover too with IGA getting off the ground. A couple of weeks ago I saw the landlord of London House filling in all of the potholes in front of his property. I stopped to say thank you and he began telling me about how a student had recently fallen in one of the potholes and he was very upset about it. He explained that the government in Dominica takes care of the main roads and will fund some other road repairs if you apply for a grant. Otherwise, the responsibility falls to the landowners to keep the roads in good working condition. Other countries also help Dominica repair their roads. As I type, Chinese road workers are here on island widening and repairing the main road from Roseau to Portsmouth.

Thanks to the landlords who decided to improve the Moo Cow Trail. I can’t tell you much I appreciate the effort. Merci !

About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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