Guitar Geeks

Hit the motherload today in Roseau.  I found GUITAR STRINGS, extra light gauge, just how I like ’em! After hearing numerous people say, “no guitar strings on island” I had given up the hope of finding some.  I got one of the only acoustic sets left. Most of the strings in the store were for electric guitars/bass. You would think that on an island, as we all have images of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffett rolling around in our heads, that you would see a lot more acoustic players and supplies.

One thing I have come to appreciate about Dominica is that you may go for a long time thinking you can’t find something here and assume you will have to wait till you go back to the US to get what you need (aka, learning the virtue of patience)…ah, but sometimes we have not because we ask not .  The key is to ask the right person where to find what you need…and props to the locals because I have found them very friendly whenever I ask for their help.

As I always do when I am in Roseau, I wandered into a random store today. It was advertised as a music store so I thought I’d try to see if they had guitar strings or could point me to a place that does. The clerk sent me in the direction of the music school in Roseau. There is a music school is Roseau ? So, I headed out to find it when I came across a street side acoustic player set up on the side-walk.  Mr. guitar man said to go to the “Chinese shop”.  So, that’s where I found my strings. (Insert euphoric Christmas morning feelings here). Frequently when you are looking for things in Roseau you will get directions to “the chinese shop around the corner”. There are so many chinese business owners here. Sometimes the shops sell cheap trinket items but sometimes you can find some good stuff. For example, I also found a Chinese shop that sells beads to make jewelry, which is an island past time I have picked up.

Eventually I am going to do a Roseau businesses spotlight blog post. There are just so many little shops in Roseau. It is hard to know where to start. Until then….

One Love,


Oh! and thanks to sushi chef David at Ancient Capital restaurant who hooked us up with the blue marlin today. Hurry up and open a branch in Picard!

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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4 Responses to Guitar Geeks

  1. Guitar strings can also be found in Portsmouth, a few mintues from the university! If you go to the public vegetable market in Portsmouth, there is a Chinese store on the main road that faces the market area. Ask a local if you can’t find it. The building is painted brown and there are a couple of steps that lead into the shop that locals are usually sitting on.

  2. Priya says:

    Hey, I’m a student at Ross. Just found your post via Google. I’m looking for a place to buy a cheap acoustic in Roseau…do you know of any music shops? Or if you know anyone in Picard who is selling theirs…please shoot me an email. Thanks!


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