Banana, Lizard, Moo

The incoming class I believe is getting its first look at the housing database right about now. I remember the first time I saw the housing list and saw “Banana Trail”, “Lizard Trail”, and “Moo Cow Trail”. What ? Trail ? Huh ? These “trails” are basically little neighborhoods, each with their own character. The locals tell me that students named these trails-Lots of banana trees on banana trail and lots of roaming cows on moo cow trail, it’s just that simple.

I thought I would try to shed a little light on the trails for all of you that are thousands of miles away trying to decide where you are going to live.

1. Banana Trail – hilly area directly across from the Ross University main gate. Banana trail is huge and densely populated. You can live on Banana trail and have a three minute walk to campus or a fifteen minute walk to campus. It depends on where you live. An advantage to living on Banana trail is that there are several businesses on the trail- restaurants (Tulips chinese restaurant, The Tomato restaurant, Georges chinese, The Junction, DeChamp Bar), several laundry services (Christine’s, Hannahs, Eoos), and a couple of snackets (small shacks where snacks are sold). If you live high on the trail (that reads funny lol, I mean elevation high not John Denver high), you are likely to have a nice view of the Caribbean Sea and get nice breezes.

2. Lizard Trail-flat area closest to the Caribbean Sea, leads to the exit gate of campus. You will be in close proximity to the campus activity center and the gym. Lizard trail has one chinese restaurant and one snackette/laundry service business (Rosie’s). The grocery store IGA is at the entrance to Lizard Trail. So if your apartment is close to the main road you may get some noise pollution from the traffic. You will get some breeze because you are close to the sea but don’t have the elevation to help cool the area. You will have a very short walk (5 mins) to campus if you live anywhere on Lizard Trail.

3. Moo Cow Trail (also called Balvin Rd.) – about a 10-15 minute walk to campus. A bit more remote than Banana and Lizard trail, but also much quieter. Properties are a little more spread out. The Picard River runs along the trail and has some nice swimming holes. The major apartment complexes on Moo Cow are Silver Lining and Kootney Resorts. Moo Cow is the trail closest to the Annex (traditionally where semester one classes are held but subject to change).

Check out this video  to get an idea of where these trails are.

So good luck finding a place newbies. Hopefully you can find the trail that is right for you.  If you spend some time on youtube you can see some video footage of some of the trails and individual apartment complexes.

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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6 Responses to Banana, Lizard, Moo

  1. Sorry I am not familiar with A+ apts.

  2. Aqueah Ayebea says:

    any info on A+ apartments in the Picard area/ Thanks

  3. christy says:

    Hi thank you for this helpful info! What are some of the newest apartments not studio, but 1 bedroom apartments closest to 1st semester classes? Appreciate your response,Thank you!

    • Hi Christy. As of now, semester one classes are held in the Annex. Moo Cow trail (aka Balvin Rd) is the closest trail to it. On Moo Cow Trail there is a complex that is peach/orange colored that is about five stories that is fairly new. I think it is the only one of its kind on the housing database on Moo Cow, so you can probably pick it out by sight. I can’t remember the name of it though. There is also some new apts. called Smart Choice. The landlord’s name is Michael. They are a little further back on Moo Cow, but new. Good luck finding a place.

      • christy says:

        Thank you so much! Your website is so very helpful. I have been able to get a better idea about Dominica and Ross. I will look out for the peach/orange apartment on the housing database, the database is not open yet. Thank you so much once again, May God Bless you!

  4. To see a map of how the trails are laid out, visit the Ross Spouses Organizations Housing page:

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