Waitukubuli National Trail

Sometimes in the Ross community we get stuck in our day to day routine and forget that we are living in the middle of an ecological paradise. I try to get out to the Caribbean Sea as often as I can or at least take time to have lunch on the Subway deck so I can overlook the water. When will I ever again in my lifetime have this kind of scenery within a ten minute walk from home ? Possibly never. Yet as the days go by I find myself too busy to stop and take in the beauty all around me. It’s kind of like owning ocean front property but keeping the curtains closed all day. What gives ? We forget that there is life outside of RUSM. We are just a hop, skip, and a jump from lots of nature’s wonders.  So why not take advantage of it ?

Semester break will be coming up in August. That is one of the best times to leave business behind and get out and explore Dominica. For all you hikers out there, consider hitting what Dominica calls “the Caribbean’s first long distance walking trail” the Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT). From the southern end of Dominica to the northern end of the island where we are, there are 14 different trail segments, totalling 115 miles. Each segment links community to community and entails different kinds of typography, requiring a particular amount of hiking skill and time. (Click on the segments link to see recommended parameters.) The trail will take you through National Parks, rainforests, rivers, villages, mountains, and all the flora and fauna Dominica has to offer. While most of us don’t have time to travel Dominica coast to coast on foot, perhaps we can pick one or two segments in the north to explore. Just be advised that the trail is not fully completed. So situational awareness is necessary and make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in this summer heat.

This past January, a Welsh couple, John Roberts and Yvonne Leslie were the first people noted to have hiked the whole trail within two weeks! Let’s hope they are the first of many to complete such a task. Read Paul Crask’s (travel author of the Bradt’s Guide to Dominica) reflections on hiking the trail here. For more information, check out this video about the WNT and join their facebook page.

If any of you have explored the trail head by Cabrits, please share your experiences with us below. Thanks !

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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2 Responses to Waitukubuli National Trail

  1. Aurel says:

    Great website! I’m a first semester at Ross and just came across it. The trail head at Cabrits is on the road to the park just beyond the intersection with the road going north after you leave Portsmouth. There are some nice views once you get out to the water.

    Another easily accessible segment for Rossies is Segment 11, which you’ll find by walking along the driveway behind St James Center. The path north comes up first on the left at the stream and the path south comes up on the right a few hundred yards down the road.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The segment 14 trail head by Cabrits is real nicely marked now, so it’s hard to miss. I”m looking forward to checking it out. I’ve gone up to the road behind St. James all the way up to the water station. It’s been a while though. Have they posted markers to where the trails are ? Do you have to cross the river with these paths ?

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