Bikes & Pho’

On the way to Cabrits

Today was a beautiful day in Dominica! One of the only days we haven’t had heavy rainfall in a while. So we got our bikes out and hit the road. We started by Rituals, rode through Portsmouth, past Purple Turtle Beach and paused at Cabrits to take in the beauty. It was great to see all the new sign posts for the Waitukubuli Trail, even covered rest areas with benches near segment 14 trail head (Capuchin to Cabrits). There were lots of yachts in the bays and swimmers galore. So many beautiful sights along the way.

From Cabrits we rode to Douglas Bay. (Once I get to Douglas Bay I usually turn around and head back because I know there are some serious hills are ahead. My husband, when he does his fitness rides in the morning, usually rides past Douglas Bay through Savanne Paille, Morne Alois, and Toucari Bay all the way to Cottage Hill). My goal for the today was to get to Heaven’s Best Guest House, that way I could at least experience the hills that lead into Savanne Paille. I rode part of the hill till I got to Poonkies. From there I walked my bike up the steep hill ahead, which was still a great cardiovascular work out I might add. When my husband got to the top of the hill on his bike a local stray dog met him. When the dog saw me struggling he came down and met me and escorted me to the top, lol, side by side. We made it to Heaven’s Best and then turned around. The hills were a blast on the way down but you have to watch out for large rocks, potholes, and fast cars around the bends. An additional fun dynamic of biking out where all the locals live is the random shout outs, “keep it going”, “where you headed?”, “don’t stop”, “I want that bike” etc. It is quite entertaining.

Our total ride was about 8 miles, highest altitude 150 feet. The breeze was great and the scenery fantastic but the best part of the day was yet to come. It is our favorite night of the semester, the Vietnamese Student Association’s, Pho’ Night. It is one of three days a year we can get pho‘ on island. Pho’ is a Vietnamese noodle soup that is full of basil, lime and chicken. VSA did a great job preparing it 🙂





And here my friends, is the real reason why we are all at Ross University Med in the Caribbean….

Portsmouth Harbor


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