AA & TSA Adventures

Note to self…what appears to be leg weights to me, appears to be a bomb to TSA! So, I’ve had some good times lately rolling through airport security. When we first started making the trip from home to Dominica, we could check our luggage all the way from New Orleans to Dominica on AA (including an overnight San Juan layover), each checking in two bags, 50 lbs a piece for free. Those were the good ole’ days.  Eventually we started having the dynamic that our home airport would not check our bags all the way to Dominica because of our over night in San Juan…so at that point we had to abide by the two pieces of check in luggage a piece, not exceeding a total luggage weight of 70 lbs per person but at least both bags were still free. We just got the hang of that when earlier this year AA changed the luggage rule for international travelers to each person allowed  two check in bags, still a total of 70 lbs, but now the second bag is 30.00. Oy! I didn’t realized how spoiled we were in the beginning.

So back to the bomb, I mean the weights above…our last trip back we had so much stuff that we had to put the leg weights in our carry ons because the weights were pushing the limit on our checked luggage. That my friends, was a recipe for a good time. TSA was all over us during our security checks. It was actually funny. (The only time that was more fun than this was the time I flew home alone with no checked bags and had purchased the ticket a week before flying…but I’ll tell you that story another time. Let’s just say, I’m sure my name is on a database somewhere.) We got two private screenings from TSA this go round but nothing over the top. Yeah, I know they are just doing their job, but a sad reflection on today’s world.

Also, the airport in San Juan Puerto Rico is using the new X-ray technology, which was a first for me. Interestingly enough directly after the X-ray you still get a complete pat down, and I mean complete ! So, be ready for it.

Another dynamic that we faced during our recent travels is that even though we each paid our baggage fee of 30.00 for our second bag…after we had to overnight in San Juan with our luggage that they refused to check all the way through to Dominica… on the second day of travel they wanted to charge us the 30.00 each again! After a not so pleasant conversation with the AA check in attendant and her consulting her two desk-mates, we got down to the actual policy–AA can only charge you the 30.00 for your second bag on day 2 of travel IF your layover is longer than 24 hrs. So, thanks to hubby having a clue and a backbone we didn’t have to pay again. The attendant and one of her associates had insisted that we pay again stating, “you are wrong sir”. We had our receipt from the previous day and we were under the 24 hour rule…so just be mindful of that during your next travel period. AA will nickel and dime you to death if you don’t know better. Don’t let them bully you into paying again if you are not supposed to.

Okay, my last gripe before I retire my soap box…We used to be able to get round trip tickets to the states for around 800.00 USD per person. Now though it seems it’s tough to find anything under 1,000 USD per person round trip and it’s more like 1200.00 -1500.00 Bummer. It’s too bad traveling on and off Dominica is expensive and time-consuming with overnight layovers.  Dominica is so beautiful and it could be a well-traveled place with lots of tourists paying into the economy if there weren’t so many barriers when traveling.

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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2 Responses to AA & TSA Adventures

  1. kem says:

    Hello, on your flight from San Juan to DOM, were you allowed a personal item (laptop case or small backpack) in addition to a carry-on?

    • Yes, one carry on and one personal item are allowed. Just as an fyi…from San Juan to Dom most carry on bags (esp. roller bags) have to be valet checked plane side as the plane is too small to accomodate most carry on bags. You can only carry one item on board with you.

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