Teva sandal sale-Academy Sports

Need some good sandals for Dominica ladies? Today I was browsing the Academy sporting goods ladies sandals online and found that they have some hiking sandals on sale. I can’t say that any of them are particularly attractive, however they have sandals with supportive soles that offer you much more than flip flops can.  Depending upon your budget, you can spend $25.00 – $45.00

Here is the Teva Women’s Torin sandal :

This shoe is reduced from $34.99 to $24.99 right now. Shipping is free if you order online. With their thick rubber sole, these shoes are made to wear on beaches and boats. I have a version of this shoe. When they get wet they dry fairly quickly. The foot support is decent but not top notch. I probably wouldn’t wear these on a long hike (traction is not the best when they are wet) but I wear these if I’m headed to campus or to a beach that is close.

Okay here are the Teva Women’s Tirra Sandals. They are reduced from $60.00 to $41.99, also with free shipping. I love these shoes! For just a few more dollars you get a great support sandal that is made for wet environments with shock absorbing heels and a foot stabilizer. These also dry quickly if they get wet. I walk longer distances in these because they have such great arch support and fit very comfortably on my feet.

Here are the Women’s Dozer III Hybrid Shoes . Reduced from $60.00 to $41.99, free shipping. Okay I warned you, not exactly gorgeous, but perfect for walking in the rain, swimming in the river, river tubing etc. These were specifically made with these slits in the side to aid water drainage. They also have shock absorbing heels and a strong sole that is supposed to provide traction.

If you cruise the Academy link above, you can also view other sandals on sale (Columbia & Skechers brands). The timing of this sale is perfect! You can have any of these shoes shipped to your US address and pick them up when you go home for break.

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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