Gmail calls from DOM to US

I sat down today to make some calls to the US through my google email account (gmail), a free service that I have used for quite some time. I kept getting a busy signal and up popped, “Sorry you do not have enough credit to make this phone call”. What ? Credit? Then I noticed the new $0.10 sitting in the right hand corner of the dial pad. Apparently google phone just became google skype. Calls to the US from Dominica on gmail are no longer free 😦 .

You do have the option though of adding credit to your account, just as you would with skype. Calls to the US from Dominica through gmail are now going to be .01 cents a minute. According to the official gmail blog on a 8/2/11 , they noted that they have just expanded their service for international callers and lowered rates, but they forgot to mention that some of us freeloaders will be cut off 🙂 .  Good news is, it is dirt cheap to call home. Just note that in using this service the rate link mentions that VAT will be added according to your country of origin.

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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6 Responses to Gmail calls from DOM to US

  1. Naomi says:

    Another good tool if you are not on the island yet is to bring a Magic Jack with you. $40 for equip and free calling to anywhere in US and Canada from anywhere. You even get a phone number and voicemail for all the loved ones to call you and it is a local call for them! Great device!

  2. J. Michelle says:

    If you register an ACTUAL google voice account (not just through gmail) it’s still free. But yes, you have to have a USA IP address for it to allow you to sign up. It’s only the gmail version that’s no longer free (and once you tie your google voice back to your gmail then it will become free again). The reason they are now charging you is because they “assign” you a number based on your ip address and they see that you’re calling from outside the US so they charge you for the phone call. If you sign up with Google Voice (and choose your own number) then they assume you’re within the states and phone calls are still free. Hope this helps.

  3. This is actually still working for some of the accounts i’ve registered in the U.S for several family members and friends to use back home. I think the problem is that you created the account in Dominica.

    Try creating a new account through a proxy server located in the U.S. That way google wont be able to tell where you are accessing your gmail account from.

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