Day 2: Better than I expected

Day 2 Blogger Challenge: What has been better than you expected ?

I have been really impressed by the support system that I have found within the Ross community. At some universities, the students show up for class (well they don’t have mediasite:) and go home. There is very little interaction among the students and extra-curricular activity participation is poor. I find the environment here is not like that at all. There is more of a sense of community and the opportunities to get involved are endless. Most of us here are foreigners living in a centralized area of Dominica, and in some way, shape, or form rotating our lives around RUSM. We are all in this together. Though the number of students per class is much bigger than what you would see in the United States, the overall community is still small and personal and everyone seems to know each other.

The university has set up organizations to help spouses and family members feel welcomed and integrated into the Ross community. There is a spouses support organization for both the students and the faculty. It is through these groups that I have ventured out and explored this beautiful island, coast to coast. My photos of Dominica range in the thousands. I’ve never seen so much beauty concentrated in one place. I always want to remember Dominica, not only for its rainforests and waterfalls, but also for the people who I have met along the way.

About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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