Day 3: The Weather

Day 3 blogging challenge: How does the weather affect you ? I just spent 45 minutes typing out a thoughtful post and for the third day in a row on wordpress…when I hit save, the post got lost in the wordpress galaxy 😦  , so this one is going to be short and sweet!

I love the sunshine and the warmth but can’t stand the high humidity. The humidity leaves me feeling pretty worn out and just dirty. I love the rain at 9 pm at night when I’m getting ready for bed, but hate getting caught in a downpour when I’m walking to campus. By far, my most favorite season here is winter. December to March is glorious-lots of nice breezes, comfortable temperatures, and an overall sense of wellness. You might even catch a chill or two if you go up into the mountains.


About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian relocated to the island of Dominica.
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