Day 8 : Spouse

Day 8 of blogger challenge: Does your spouse like it here ?

That would be a huge yes ! My spouse likes it here so much he has “gone local”. He now has his own walking stick, machete, and spear fishing gun. The locals have given him at least two nick names, that we know of. We can be an hour away from Ross and locals will recognize him and call him by his Dominican handle. He has mastered opening a coconut without a cutlass. He likes to chill in the river. Sometimes he leaves home with his backpack, river knife, and machete and comes home with some creation he has concocted. He has picked up new hobbies such as scuba diving, canyoneering, and hiking. Dominica has released his inner Bear Grylls. He has become a boy scout gone wild, a real adventurer. I’ve never seen him happier.

My husband is most grateful to Dominica for helping him re-discover his love for running. When he was in high school, he was a cross-country runner and ranked number two in the state of Alabama. As he progressed through college, he gave up running and focused solely on academics. I’m sure you can imagine what happened. With a more sedentary lifestyle, he lost his athletic build and the battle of the bulge. When we arrived to Dominica, I truly think all the natural beauty reminded him of the lush rolling hills of Alabama and the cross-country trails he used to run. He was inspired to start running again, only 30 seconds at a time, because that is all he could tolerate. After hitting the pavement every day and re-conditioning his body, he got up to running six plus miles a day and consequently lost 100 lbs.

So last week I asked my husband, “In twenty years from now, when we look back on our time in Dominica, what do you think we will remember most?”. He replied, “Who says we won’t still be here.”

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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2 Responses to Day 8 : Spouse

  1. Molly says:

    You and your husband are two of my favorite Rossies whenever I see you COMPLETELY because I can just see and sense how good this island is for you both. Your love of this nature is contagious and wonderful and something that I KNOW inspires those around you who are frustrated with this island to give it another look because there just MUST be something that we are missing :).

    • Thanks Molly ! The beauty here is my buffer for dealing with things like-literally the power is out at home right now for no apparent reason. I have to keep my focus on it and of course I am thankful that I have the time to appreciate it. I know not everyone has that luxury.

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