Jaco Parrots

It’s been a wonderful afternoon bird watching. The Jaco Parrots (Amazona arausiaca) have been out and about, in full flight. This time of year between 4-5 pm is the time when the parrots are most visible/audible on the Moo Cow Trail. They visit the trees around Silver Lining Apts/Picard River then fly toward Kootney Resorts in some kind of ritualistic manner. At about 4:20 pm today a full flock of parrots were busy flying from tree-top to tree-top in our backyard. Like clockwork, they arrived together, sampled supper off different trees, then communally flew out, back toward the direction of the Syndicate Rainforest. I got some seizure-like video footage today so I thought I’d share the photo above instead. The parrot is sitting at the very top of the tree. You can barely make out his red neck. Can you see him ?

Here’s some other footage I got a while back. You can hear the signature Jaco squawk at 0:59…

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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