Culture Shock

I thought I’d pass on some info today about culture shock. This is the time of year on the Ross U calendar that students that have finished their basic sciences are repatriating back to the U.S and new students are arriving to the island. It’s a time of transition that broadens our horizons and stretches our existing coping resources.  I came across this diagram online about culture shock that sums it up perfectly :

All of us in the RUSM community can find ourselves somewhere in steps 1-9. Check out the blog entry that accompanies the diagram above. The writer talks about the 3 P’s of culture shock. Good advice!

I hope you newbies are settling in well and meeting some helpful people to show you the way. Feel free to ask questions below. Remember that there are resources available to you through Facebook (your class page or the Ross Spouses Organization’s page) and on the ground in Student Life and/or the counseling center if you need some assistance.

For those of you who have returned to the U.S., how does it feel?

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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2 Responses to Culture Shock

  1. Grant W says:

    Love the blog, lots of useful information. I did notice thought that the diagram ends lower than it begun, even after re-adjusting to the states. Shouldn’t the experience be more better/higher after all’s said and done 🙂

  2. That is a great diagram that sums it up really well! Thanks for sharing!

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