Making Cocoa Sticks

I recently went on a great island adventure that took me to the northern village of Penville. I met some lovely people there and perused some of the most fertile lands this end of the island. A gracious local lady walked me through the process of making cocoa-from removing the cocoa pod from the tree, drying/roasting the pods, grinding them down,  and forming small cocoa sticks that are sellable at market.  It was a lot more hard work than I expected! The experience left me with a great appreciation for those who make a living using their hands. I’m amazed at how cheap cocoa sticks are at the market after seeing  what it takes to make just one cocoa stick. I haven’t made cocoa tea yet, but it’s on my to- do list. Till then, here are some photos. Enjoy!

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About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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4 Responses to Making Cocoa Sticks

  1. Sas Nemeth says:

    I love the video- I sell raw cocoa beans from Dominica, if you are interested, Along with roasted cocoa nibs

  2. Very nice video, I’m in this business 🙂

  3. Yankey says:

    Dominica is the best Island to visit in the Caribbean. It truly deserves the name ‘Nature Island’ which it is well known as. There is so much to learn in Dominica, you’ll be amazed!!

    • Annie says:

      I had the opportunity to visit Dominica this past March, lovely island, wonderful people, it changed me. I want to go back to learn so much more from these wonderful people

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