Jack’s Walk

The best days in Dominica are the ones when you plan to do one thing and end up doing something completely different. There is so much terrain to explore here and so little time to do it. Today we set out to meet old friends in Roseau and ended up wandering up and down Morne Bruce on “Jack’s Walk”. Jack’s Walk is a defined trail that begins in the Botanical Gardens in Roseau and ends at a gorgeous lookout over Roseau on Morne Bruce. The hike only takes about 20 minutes each way. The path is mostly in the shade which makes the journey pleasant. Though the elevation is gradual, you will definitely feel it on the way up. Once you reach the end of the trail, keep going all the way till you see the tall cross (constructed in the 1920’s) and the old cannon (remainder of a British military post). There is an amazing look out there but if you keep going up toward the road there is a fantastic lookout over Roseau. Here are some photos…they don’t do it justice though because they were taken with my cell phone….

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About louisiana2dominica

Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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