There are lots of hidden gems in Dominica but I think I found the mother of all gems last week, tucked away in the Roseau Valley. It’s a place called Papillote, close to Trafalgar Falls and Screws Spa. What makes Papillote amazing is that it offers many things to do in one place. On its grounds you can find lodging, a restaurant/bar, plunge pools/spa, botanical gardens, a waterfall, wood work, walking trails etc. There is something for everyone.

I probably could have gotten lost for hours with my camera wandering up and down the well manicured paths with breathtaking flora, clear streams, and vegetation I’ve never seen before. Papillote, known for its botanical collection, boasts of 100 genera on their property/600 individual species. There is an abundance of trumpet plants and birds hovering around you as you move about in the gardens. Though I did not do this,  you can purchase a guided garden walk tour in which you are instructed in all the plants and their medicinal uses. I will definitely take advantage of that next time…and I’ll try the pools next time too. I was so busy walking around that I decided to shelve the pools for later.

The restaurant has an open concept, which really makes you feel like you are being drawn into the gardens and the mountain side. I tried the callaloo soup for lunch and the hummus appetizer. No complaints there. The food was good, and the ambiance sealed the deal.

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I highly recommend you check out Papillote when you find you are seeking some peace and quiet. You won’t be disappointed! For more information, see their website at . Phone: 767-448-2287.

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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