Batibou Beach

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Batibou Beach is my most favorite beach on the island.  It is a little over 35 minutes away from campus near Calibishie. There is a sign on the main road that marks the trailhead heading down toward the beach. The walk down takes about twenty minutes. The trail is muddy and wet but boasts a breathtaking lookout over the Atlantic. You can call the family who runs the beach bar and request a ride down the hill via truck if you have elderly people in your group or people who don’t want to walk down the hill. Visit their Facebook page here for contact information. There is a beach entry fee now for non-nationals of around 5 US/ 13 EC per person.

There are some wooden tables erected so you can sit and enjoy the sea view. You can relax around the bar or in one of the hammocks on site. The beach area is huge so there is plenty room to find some shade or play some football. The sand is grey and there are not a lot of rocks on the coast, which makes the water entry easy for kids. Batibou is one of the beaches that is secluded so it is recommended that you go with a large group, preferably with a local guide or when the beach bar is open and local staff is present. Do not leave belongings unattended. The surf at Batibou can be calm or rowdy so keep an eye out for shifting currents. Definitely bring a raft so you can chill out and enjoy the Batibou experience.

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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