Alexis George of Alexis Taxi

Updated information on Alexis Taxi, including his new Facebook page!

From Louisiana to Dominica

Alexis George

Meet Alexis George. Alexis, Dominican by birth, has been working hard building his business, Alexis Taxi, since 1994. Alexis and his family offer various services to the Ross community. So what is it exactly that he does ?

Alexis is your go to guy for any questions you have related to shipping things to Dominica via Tropical Shipping, airport transportation, customs, and private taxi services. He has experience networking with major companies that ship to Dominica-Tropical Shipping, Amerijet, Laparkan, and Bernuth etc. Alexis dispatches his associates to pick up student and faculty belongings from customs. Once you arrive to Dominica, he can assist you with getting around Dominca-either by helping you import a car, renting a scooter, or by offering you a driver to taxi you short or long distances. His airport taxis are well used by students and faculty alike.

I met with Alexis and asked…

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Native New Orleanian lived on the island of Dominica for 8 years
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