About Dominica

DOMINICA [pronounced dom-in-EE-ka] : translated to mean “Sunday”, the day on which Christopher Columbus first saw the island. Dominica is also known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominique (in french), Wai’tukubuli (“tall is her body”), and “the nature isle of the Caribbean” but NOT the Dominican Republic.  

Unique about Dominica: Home to the Kalinago Indians, the only remaining Indian population of the Caribbean; One of the filming locations for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; One of the only untouched islands of the Caribbean; Home to the UNESCO World Heritage  site of Morne Trois Pitons National Park .

Location : In the Caribbean between the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. This area is also referred to as the Windward Islands, the Lesser Antilles, and the West Indies. View maps here. Ross University is located on the north west side of the island, along side the Caribbean Sea.     

Population : Approximately 70,000     

Size:  29 miles long, 16 miles wide     

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard (no daylight savings time)     

Language:  English primarily, French creole (patois) is also spoken  

Government: Independent since November 3rd, 1978. Parliamentary democracy in place. The current Prime Minister is Roosevelt Skerrit who was first elected in 2004.

Unit of Currency
: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (abbrev. EC, ECD, or XCD) ; One US Dollar = 2.67 EC ; VAT (value added tax) applied most places.

Electricity: 220 volts (110 is in use at Ross University and in some apartments)  

Climate/Terrain: Tropical, hot and humid;  Hurricane/heavy rain season June-November; Volcanic, mountainous island          

Resources : Agriculture, Eco-Tourism, Timber, Hydropower

Capital : Roseau

Main Airport: Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM) located in Marigot

Religion : Predominantly Roman Catholic/Christian

Dialing Dominica: 1+767+number

Closest US Embassy : Barbados ; For more information about Dominica see the website of the US Department of State .

For more information on the history of Dominica, please visit the website of local historian, Lennox Honychurch .

Division of tourism :Based in Roseau: 767-448-2045

Virtual Guide To Dominica

The best written comprehensive travel guide on Dominica is by Paul Crask. His book, “Dominica” can be purchased at Amazon.com.


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