Quick Converter

Here is a quick converter cheat sheet for those of you who are new to Dominica’s currency. Dominica uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (abbreviated as EC, ECD, or XCD). The conversion rate varies of course but usually 1 US Dollar is = to 2.7 Eastern Caribbean Dollars. When figuring it out in my head…if price is in EC and I want to figure the US equivalent, I just divide it by 3 to get a rough estimate.

1 EC=0.37 USD
2 EC=0.74 USD
3 EC=1.11 USD
4 EC=1.48 USD
5 EC=1.85 USD
6 EC=2.22 USD
7 EC=2.59 USD
8 EC=2.96 USD
9 EC=3.33 USD
10 EC=3.70 USD
15 EC=5.55 USD
20 EC=7.40 USD
25 EC=9.25 USD
30 EC=11.11 USD
35 EC=12.96 USD
40 EC=14.81 USD
45 EC=16.66 USD
50 EC=18.51 USD
75 EC=27.77 USD
100 EC=37.03 USD
125 EC=46.29 USD
150 EC=55.55 USD
175 EC=64.81 USD
200 EC =74.07 USD
250 EC=92.59 USD

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