The majority of rental properties in Picard do not include washers/dryers. So, here are your choices for laundering :

  • Wash everything by hand. Some people buy locally a hand cranked laundry spinner to help wash/wring out their clothes. Pack a drying rack if you plan to wash manually or purchase one at James’ Store or Astaphans once you arrive. Outdoor line drying is very popular here but keep in mind that during rainy season it’s a bit of a challenge.
  • Use a local laundry service. Phone numbers for recommended laundry services can be found in the Ross Practical Guide to Dominica or in the comments below. Some are same day service, some not. Some pick up and deliver, some do not.  So ask questions when you call. Prices are usually given per pound or by number of loads washed. Typically one load of laundry costs around 15-17 EC (6 USD).
  • Buy a washing machine/dryer from Courts in Portsmouth or Astaphans in Roseau. Sometimes you can also buy these appliances from a faculty member or student who is leaving the island.

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  1. *Updated January 2015*

    Christine’s Laundry: (767) 445-4695. Across from RUH. Pickup and delivery available.

    Eoos Laundry Service: (Picard/Banana Trail by Passionfruit Apts); (767) 445-3474; offers laundry dry cleaning, ironing and alteration services.

    Gertrude’s (Johnson’s Laundry): (767) 245-5905; around the corner from Bob’s on Banana trail. Pick up/delivery.

    Green Home Laundry Service/Nadine: (767) 235-4176

    Hannah’s Laundry: (767) 445-5421; (767) 265-1191. Picard, Banana Trail.

    Kenny & Glenda (Chateau De Cleanse): (767) 245-9844

    Kirlene’s Laundry: (Picard); (767) 276-2616

    Lin’s: (ROSEAU) (767)448-8988 Dry cleaning and laundry.
    Located in Roseau at 10 Church St.

    Mr. Clean: (767) 445-5606. Located in Picard, across from
    RUH and across the street from Christine’s Laundry. Dry
    cleaning available. Mr. Clean is also available in Roseau;
    (767) 448-4885.

    NBs Laundry and Ironing Services (767) 275-2952 or 275-5177

    Oceans: (767) 445-6725; (767) 275-5525. Hot dryers,
    good for sheets and towels.

    Safe Home Laundry: (Picard); (767) 445-5423

    Sandra’s Laundry: (767) 225-8738

    Stephens: (Glanvilla) Pick and delivery. (767) 245-7766.
    Same day pickup and delivery available.

    Total Laundry Care (TLC): (767) 285-1379 behind the mosque; do it yourself service

  2. I’ve heard positive things about: Safehome laundry, Eoos, Christine’s, Kirlene’s, and Hermina. Hope that helps.

  3. Sarah says:

    I was wondering if you could recommend a good laundry service? I’ve been using one that I’m not too impressed with, since I usually get other people’s clothes and mine come back with bleach stains!

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