Alexis George of Alexis Taxi

Updated information on Alexis Taxi, including his new Facebook page!

From Louisiana to Dominica

Alexis George

Meet Alexis George. Alexis, Dominican by birth, has been working hard building his business, Alexis Taxi, since 1994. Alexis and his family offer various services to the Ross community. So what is it exactly that he does ?

Alexis is your go to guy for any questions you have related to shipping things to Dominica via Tropical Shipping, airport transportation, customs, and private taxi services. He has experience networking with major companies that ship to Dominica-Tropical Shipping, Amerijet, Laparkan, and Bernuth etc. Alexis dispatches his associates to pick up student and faculty belongings from customs. Once you arrive to Dominica, he can assist you with getting around Dominca-either by helping you import a car, renting a scooter, or by offering you a driver to taxi you short or long distances. His airport taxis are well used by students and faculty alike.

I met with Alexis and asked…

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Art & Craft Expo 2014

_by_Janice Degallerie

Doll by Janice Degallerie

The annual RUSM Art & Craft Expo is quickly approaching! This year’s display of talent is set for Friday, November 21st from 4-8 pm and Saturday, November 22nd from 10-5 pm. This charity fundraiser will be held at the Ross medical school Campus Activity Center, 2nd floor, which is located behind the IGA Whitchurch Supermarket in Picard. Artists, crafters, jewelry designers, basket weavers, and wood-workers from all over the island will showcase their own hand-made creations. A percentage of their proceeds and 100% of raffle sales will be split among three Dominican organizations.

This event is free and open to the public so please come out and show your support in large numbers. You can get all of your holiday shopping items and island souvenirs in one place!  Food vendors will be on site Saturday. You can follow the Expo on Facebook where you can see photos from Expo’s of the past.  Hope to see you there!

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New Roseau Website

The Dominica News Online announced a great new resource this morning! The author of Bradt’s travel guide to Dominica, Paul Crask has just launched a website to help us navigate Roseau. It is called the Roseau City Guide. Let me tell you why I am excited about this. Roseau is one of those places that is packed with so many shops, and unless you visit there frequently, it’s hard to know where to find things you are shopping for. This website is going to help with that. We all know the major establishments, but many times the gems are found in the small, random, establishments that don’t even have a sign outside their door. I think Crask’s website is a step in the right direction – helping visitors and residents alike to focus on what Dominica has to offer.

Living on the northern end of the island makes getting to Roseau a concerted effort. For people in the Ross community there is a an issue of time available to make the trip-an hour each way of the trip plus time you need to shop. I’ve met students in 3rd semester that still haven’t made it to Roseau even once, and I understand why. I have to say though, getting out of Picard every once in a while, is a great way to reset yourself. The university offers a free ride to Roseau every Saturday (except during semester breaks) which is good to take advantage of. You leave campus by 8:30 and return by 1:00. Students will study in the transport too to minimize their time away from the books, which is do-able as long as you don’t get motion sickness.

Last week when I was in Roseau I discovered a place called Beauty Wise which is right by KFC. It was like walking into Barbados. How long has this store been in existence? A year. I’ve never heard of it. It’s a place for the ladies for sure-health and beauty products, make up, hair products out the wazoo. The store was clean and well organized, the staff super helpful…really nice shopping experience. My point is…this is how I experience Dominica, by getting out there and wandering around. You can usually find what you need here and save yourself from importing stuff if you take the time to find out what the local resources are. I know, I know, students don’t have the time to wander around, but a planned study break in Roseau is worth the effort, especially for the Rossies living in Roseau.

Now, back to why I’m excited about this website. Dominica, to me, seems very hidden from the rest of the world. It’s not the kind of place that appears on international news sites or on TV. I feel like the more resources we can get out there to show the world how beautiful Dominica is, how unique the culture is, how talented the artists are etc., the better off the world will be. Dominica offers a very simple way of life to a world that’s lost itself in busyness. For those of us from the United States that get to spend a season of our lives here, Dominica has a lot to teach us.

So, check out the Roseau City Guide when you are ready for a staycation. I highly recommend Ft. Young HotelLe Petit French Bakery, the Roseau Cathedral, and Jack’s Walk. Find some time to enjoy the island, after finals of course!

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Nature Island Challenge-Go Team USA!

NICThese five adventurous women- Tara, Sarah, Madeline, Mercedes, and Jennifer-are part of the Ross community and will be representing the USA in Dominica’s Nature Island Challenge (NIC).  The NIC is where teams of athletes compete on Dominica’s Waitukubuli Trail  facing particular tasks that will test their physical stamina and cultural competence.  These sportswomen have been in beast mode getting ready for what lies ahead-running trails, swimming, hiking, cooking, creating, and exploring! You can read about the background of team USA here.

The Nature Island Challenge begins Monday April 7th and goes all the way through Friday April 11th.  Using social media is a big part of the challenge, before and during the competition. The participants will be using smart phones to capture their experiences and uploading their photos regularly. There are a couple of different ways to stay connected to the teams during the week:

To support team USA:

  • Follow them on Facebook
  • Help fund them here.
  • Post #nicusablue on all the social media sites you use!

I wish these ladies the best of luck!

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Bwa Nef Falls

If you would like to visit a waterfall in the Northern part of Dominica, check out Bwa Nef Falls, about 35 minutes from Ross.  The trailhead to Bwa Nef can be found off of the Northern Link Road between Lower Penville and En Bas/Vielle Case. At the time we did this hike, there was a sign marking the trail from the main road, however there was a lot of construction under way so I’m not sure if the sign is still standing. We did find, that as we were trying to locate the trail area, the people of Penville were very helpful in giving us some directions. So when in doubt, ask.

To begin the hike, you walk from the main road down toward the river. There you will see the upstream river trail that leads the way to Bwa Nef. During the hike you will be walking around mud, water, rocks, tree roots, foliage etc. so be sure to have appropriate shoes and mosquito repellent.  A portion of the trail does cross part of someone’s personal property. You may be asked to pay a fee to the land owner.

It takes about 35 minutes to hike to the waterfall. The cascade is almost hidden behind these towering rock walls. The formation reminds me of a small scale Titou Gorge.  Beams of light, coming around boulders wedged between the rock walls above you, shine down through the water. It’s just glorious! There is a nice little area to swim in. Enjoy the pics below and check out Bwa Nef if you have the opportunity.

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