East Coast

*The island of Dominica was hit by Hurricane Maria, a category 5 storm, in September of 2017. Some of the establishments below are open for business, under repair or are no longer in business. Please call before heading out to visit them.


  • Pagua Bay   (Marigot, near airport ~1 hour from campus) Nice wine menu. Great fish tacos. Nice atmosphere with gorgeous lookout over the Atlantic.  Stay away from the Centipede Rum Punch if you can’t handle your liquor 🙂 . 767-445-8888 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Waitukubuli’s Authentic Kitchen – (Salybia/Kalinago Territory) – fresh, traditional local food. 767-616-7704 or 767-285-1204
  • Zaaman Restaurant at Rosalie Bay Resort (1 hour 20 minutes from campus). Great food, great atmosphere. Atlantic Ocean and river views. 767-446-1010

1 Response to East Coast

  1. Hello! Thank you for featuring our restaurant on your site. Waitukubuli’s Authentic Kitchen has updated its phone numbers to: 767-616-7704 or 767-285-1204. Thanks again!

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