Portsmouth & Savanne Paille

*Update August 2018: The island of Dominica was hit by a category 5 storm, Hurricane Maria, in September of 2017. The information on this blog reflects life in Dominica prior to Hurricane Maria. Ross University School of Medicine will be relocating to the island of Barbados in 2019. Some of the establishments below are open for business, under repair or are no longer in business. Please call before heading out to visit them.


  • Aldrin’s Pizza -delivery available-245-1020
  • Blue Baywaterfront dining;  (767) 615-7500
  • Heavens BestFine dining. Good lobster. A/C. Reservations only. Free taxi ride there and back for Ross students during some seasons.  767-445-6677   
  • Iguana Cafe’– Reservations required. Small dining area. Good local food and seafood.  767-277-2535 or 767-315-0471
  • Indian River Bar & Grill767-445-4019  
  • Monty’s Fish Grill & Bar-Open Tues-Sun, shack past Purple Turtle Beach but before Cabrits National Park. Email: montyworks@hotmail.com.  767-265-6338
  • Pete’s BBQ – bright green small building in Portsmouth on the left side of Michael Douglas Blvd/Bay St. (main road) past the market area, known for their Friday night ribs. 767-245-5320
  • Poonkies-chicken & fish dishes; Call Trevor for reservations at 767-285-6774.
  • Prince Rupert’s Tavern-at Cabrits National Park; 767-235-3775
  • Purple Turtle Beach Club-waterfront dining; burgers and fries kind of place. 767-445-5296   

  • Woody’s Pizza-on Bay Street; 616-6528, 295-4888, or 445-5615


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1 Response to Portsmouth & Savanne Paille

  1. Christy Wallace says:

    pete’s bbq was amazing, AMAZING

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