Portsmouth & Savanne Paille

*The island of Dominica was hit by Hurricane Maria, a category 5 storm, in September of 2017. Some of the establishments below are open, under repair or are no longer in business. Please call before heading out to visit them.



  • Aldrin’s Pizza -delivery available-245-1020
  • Blue Baywaterfront dining;  (767) 615-7500
  • Heavens BestFine dining. Good lobster. A/C. Reservations only. Free taxi ride there and back for Ross students during some seasons.  767-445-6677   
  • Iguana Cafe’– Reservations required. Small dining area. Good local food and seafood.  767-277-2535 or 767-315-0471
  • Indian River Bar & Grill767-445-4019  
  • Monty’s Fish Grill & Bar-Open Tues-Sun, shack past Purple Turtle Beach but before Cabrits National Park. Email: montyworks@hotmail.com.  767-265-6338
  • Pete’s BBQ – bright green small building in Portsmouth on the left side of Michael Douglas Blvd/Bay St. (main road) past the market area, known for their Friday night ribs. 767-245-5320
  • Poonkies-chicken & fish dishes; Call Trevor for reservations at 767-285-6774.
  • Prince Rupert’s Tavern-at Cabrits National Park; 767-235-3775
  • Purple Turtle Beach Club-waterfront dining; burgers and fries kind of place. 767-445-5296   

  • Woody’s Pizza-on Bay Street; 616-6528, 295-4888, or 445-5615


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One Response to Portsmouth & Savanne Paille

  1. Christy Wallace says:

    pete’s bbq was amazing, AMAZING

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