Ross Campus

*The Ross University School of Medicine Dominica Campus was affected by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Classes are temporarily being held in Knoxville, TN. See the RUSM website for updated information on the status of the Dominica campus. The photos below reflect how the campus looked prior to Hurricane Maria.


  • Student Center-new building on campus that faces the main road; has study rooms, new library, computer lab, Student Affairs offices, Center for Teaching & Learning offices (CTL) and food court.
    Student Center
  • Post Office-see details under “Mailing & Shipping” tab; 767-445-4398

    Post Office

  • Bank National Bank of Dominica with 2 ATM’s on campus -details under “Banking” tab ; 767-255-2394
  • Security -24 hrs a day ; 767-255-6234
  • The Cafe-next door to the bank. They sell snacks, drinks, pastries, coffee/tea, hot lunch, and some school supplies. 767-245-7525
  • Food Services
  • Family Lounge-next to Classroom 1; tables, TV, refrigerator, sink, toys/games
  • Upper seaside deck/ lower seaside deck (yoga deck)-places to relax, study, or have lunch.

    Lower sea side deck

    Upper seaside deck

  • Computer Services – IT-lap top configuration and minor troubleshooting. 767-255-6321. There is a small computer store on campus called Campbell’s (767-255-6277 or where you can buy printing/computer supplies/routers etc.
IT – Information Technology
Campbells Print/Computer Shop
  • Campus Activity Center (CAC)-1st floor gym, second floor club meeting rooms, 3rd floor  recreation center/SGA offices-see more details below ; 767-255-6320.


  • Preparatory School and Day Care -childcare for children of faculty members and students. During semester breaks and holidays, the prep school closes. Should you need help locating a babysitter during these times, contact Ross Spouses Organization (RSO) @ Through RSO you can also request a sponsor to help prepare you for and transition to island life.
  • Student Groups -There are lots of student organizations to get involved with. Most groups are not only open to students, but also to their spouses. They range from medical clubs, social clubs, and cultural clubs to religious organizations. Most clubs have Facebook pages.

There are a few buildings that are used regularly by Ross that are a short walk from the main campus. They are the Annex , Jenner Hall (study space), the St. James Academic Center and the Stowe Exam Center which is directly behind the St. James Center.

The Annex

Jenner Hall

St. James Academic Center (Simulation Lab & Lecture/study Space)


  • Health Clinic -free office visits for students/family/faculty; 767-255-6301
  • Tennis & Basketball courts- by the CAC/gym area

    Tennis & Basketball Courts

    Tennis & Basketball Courts

  • Volleyball court- between Large Learning Lab and Subway deck area.

    Volleyball Court

    Volleyball Court

  • Campus Activity Center (CAC) -pool table, ping pong, foosball, big screen TV’s, video games, movie rentals, sporting goods equipment rental ; VOIP phone with free calls to US (10 min. limit); fax services available and luggage scale rental.
  • Friday night movies- some Friday movies can be viewed on campus for 5 EC (1.86 US)
  • Counseling Center – free for student and family. ***There is also a library within the Behavioral Health Center that works on the honor system.*** Anyone is welcome to take a book from there and return it when they are done. There is a wide variety of books available. 767-255-6281.
  • Gym-elliptical trainers, treadmills, stair master, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes,  free weights, work out machines, medicine balls; Different fitness classes are offered every semester-yoga, pilates, spinning, Zumba, boot camp etc. Showers on site. You must present your university ID every visit to the gym. 767-255-6337
Ross University Gym
Ross University Gym
Ross University Gym
  •  Ross University Pool
Ross University Pool
  •  Playground for children

    Playground at RUSM Prep School for children of students and faculty

    Playground at RUSM Prep School for children of students and faculty

    • Intramural Sports are organized by various groups on campus
    • See the Health care/Pharmacy tab for more health resource information.

Updated September 2015

17 Responses to Ross Campus

  1. Ricky says:

    what are the holiday hours for the gym? are they open weekends?

  2. Dominique says:

    Hi. Does the subway extension cater to vegans?

  3. Amy says:

    What are the nearest hotels to campus??? AND Where can first year studens find the best housing??

  4. Michelle says:

    Do you know if there is a swim team in the area for youth? Or swim coaches in the area for hire? Is the pool at Ross open for use for spouses and children of students or faculty?

    • Hi Michelle. I am not aware of any swim teams/coaches in the area. You may want to contact the Dominica Water Sports Association at to see if they have any leads for you. Yes, the pool is open for spouses, faculty, children etc. I know that during the summer the day school takes the children to the pool for free play, but I don’t think there is any structured swim activities. Sounds like it may be a great area to explore!

  5. Sarah says:

    Can spouses work out at the gym too?

  6. Mones Saintil says:

    Do you know if there are any students from the Bahamas at Ross?

  7. Ross incoming says:

    Do you think incoming students need to bring a printer?

    • It is not necessary. The university has printers in the classrooms. You will get a print allowance per week that should cover your needs. Saves you the headache of paying customs fees on printer and having to find paper/ink to purchase to keep it running.

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