Other ways to get groceries

Some people prefer to ship down in barrels their favorite American brand grocery items. An advantage to shipping barrels is that you can fill them up with lots of good stuff for a decent price.  With some companies, like Tropical Shipping, barrel shipment prices are not based on weight- there is a flat fee for shipping plus the cost of the barrel. I have never done this and don’t feel the need to…but as any good southerner would, I do pack grits, Community Coffee and Tony Chachere’s in my suitcase with every return visit from the Big Easy…but I digress, in the event you are interested in shipping some goods here, try…

  • Some students go home every break and pack/ship a barrel of goods to Dominica. If you don’t plan on going home during breaks, you can always have family or friends ship you a barrel.
  • Travel to San Juan Puerto Rico during break and pack a barrel at Walmart.
  • Shop online with Cost U Less  (the Costco of the Caribbean) in St. Maarten. They will pack a barrel for you and ship it to Dominica. For details see the Ross Practical Guide to Dominica. If you travel to Barbados, you can also visit Cost U Less there!
  • Shop online with Islandbargains.com . They will ship to Dominica.
  • Shop online at Borderfree.com . They will ship to Dominica.
  • Barrel Benefits will pack a barrel for you in Miami and ship it here.

Keep in mind that when you import barrels, you will pay customs fees on the contents of the barrel.

For more information on Shipping to Dominica click here.

2 Responses to Other ways to get groceries

  1. Chrissy says:

    http://www.shipabox.com is a Dominican company that caters for shipping to Roseau Dominica Seaport. We already have pre selected, prepackaged barrels that you can choose from. Take advantage of our high quality service and low prices.

  2. Brianna says:

    There is also a company at islandbargains.com that will pack and ship a barrel for you from Miami. Their prices are pretty good because they shop at Sam’s Club and Costco.

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