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IGA Whitchurch Grocery in Portsmouth has opened !

It is with great excitement that the Picard area welcomes the brand new IGA Whitchurch grocery store. The store opened yesterday evening and was greeted by a mob of shoppers. For those of you not on island, let me explain…this is a big … Continue reading

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Shrimp Creole

I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, home to some of the best creole cooking in the United States. Every once in a while in Dominica I find locals that season creole dishes identical to New Orleans style creole cooking. One of … Continue reading

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Clifford the Walking Stick Man

Meet my friend, Clifford, “the walking stick man”. You may have seen him walking around Portsmouth or Picard. I saw Clifford’s handiwork before I actually met him. After viewing some of his artistic woodwork, I was quick to hire him to handcraft a personalized walking stick … Continue reading

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Biking in Dominica

Disclaimer:  While reading this keep in mind that I represent only myself, a Ross spouse who had lots of time on his hands and wasn’t afraid to set out alone into the hills of Dominica, and found it very rewarding. … Continue reading

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