There are a couple of places to stay that are 5-30 minutes from campus. If you want a place that has wi-fi and or air conditioning make sure you ask before you book. These amenities are not available at all places on this list. Some of these places below are classified as hotels, some guest houses, and some eco cottages.

Picard Beach Cottages  / Portsmouth Beach Hotel (on edge of campus); Restaurant on property.

PBH Cottages

The Champs  (5-10 min. walk from campus)
Brandy Manor Guest House  (10 minute drive from campus)
Rejens Hotel  (5 minute drive from campus)
Secret Bay (5 minute drive from campus)

Heaven’s Best Guest House (in Savanne-Paille-15 minute drive from campus)
Sunset Bay Resort  Closed due to TS Erika damage (in Coulibistre-30 minutes from campus)
The Tamarind Tree Hotel (Salisbury-30 mins from campus)
Atlantique View Resort & Spa (Anse De Mai-30 mins from campus)
Calibishe Lodges  (in Calibishe-40 minutes from campus)
Pagua Bay House  (in Marigot; one hour away, closest to Melville Hall airport)
Papillote (Roseau Valley, over an hour from campus)
Silks Hotel  (Marigot)
Jungle Bay  Closed due to TS Erika damage (in Point Mulatre, near Marigot)
Roots Jungle Retreat (Concord)
River Rush Eco Retreat (Stonefield; one hour 15 mins from Ross)
Rosalie Bay Resort  
Closed due to TS Erika damage will reopen late October 2015  (south east coast; one hour 20 mins from Ross)
Mermaid’s Secret 
(near Rosalie; one hour 20 mins from Ross)
Fort Young Hotel 
(in Roseau, one hour away)
Crescent Moon  (near Roseau; 1 hr 15 minutes away)


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