Ross University requires that housing be secured before your arrival to the island. Rent prices range from 400 USD to 1,000+ per month. Typically, one bedroom apartments go from 400 -900 USD/month, two bedrooms 1000-1200 USD/month. Houses with 3 bedrooms are around 1200-1800 USD/month. Prices vary depending upon how close to the university you live. The closer to the university, typically the higher the rent, however, there are some exceptions. Closest to the University in Picard is Banana Trail and Lizard Trail. Banana Trail leads straight up from the Ross main entrance gates. Lizard Trail leads to the northern end of campus, the only other gate to enter/exit campus. The Moo Cow Trail (Balvin Rd.)  would be your next closest bet. The Moo Cow Trail is between the main campus and what is called the Annex. Check out this video to get an idea of where all the trails are. Some students live in Glanvilla (which is about a 20 minute walk from campus) because prices tend to be more affordable and rentals more spacious for families. In Glanvilla you can find homes for rent in the 500-650.00/month range.

Banana Trail entry on right


Some place have rules about pets and children being allowed or not. Ask before you secure a place. Some places have extra charges for a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend residing with you.  Those charges however, should be firmly established before you arrive.  Expect to pay a full months rent for a deposit.      

Find out what is included in your rent. Is it furnished ? Does it include water, electricity, maid service, internet, cable, security services etc ? Most places here do not include electricity with the rent because it is expensive. What kind of electricity does the apartment have-110 or 22o volt or both ? Do you need a transformer ? Are there screens on windows to keep the bugs out ? Are their pots/kitchen utensils, linens/towels, fans on site ? Security bars on windows ? Is the residence hurricane worthy ?   

I recommend finding a place that has security bars on the windows.  Dominica is not a dangerous place but petty theft does occur, especially in regards to electronics and lap top computers. Keep purses, back packs, cell phones, ipods, electronics, computers etc. away from open windows. You’d be amazed what people can do with a bamboo stick and a window. It also helps if your landlord lives on the property. Dominica is small community. Your landlord will recognize any unwelcomed visitors around their property. This is a natural theft deterrent. Ross security works hard to keep us safe and patrols the Picard area by car and on foot. They can be called 24/7 for any concerns you have.

If you are looking for a roommate, I recommend using Facebook as a way to network with your incoming class. Most incoming classes have their own Facebook group. It’s a good way to meet people and start making connections. Many Ross student associations have Facebook group pages too. You can find them through searching under “Groups” for “Ross University”. This is another way to get an inside look from upperclassmen. They may be able to  advise you on good landlords or properties.      

Lizard Trail entry

Lizard Trail entry


Lizard Trail leads to Campus Exit Gates

Moo Cow Trail aka Balvin Rd.

Moo Cow Trail aka Balvin Rd.

If you can find a place with a generator and a washing machine, you will be set and make instant friends! Don’t expect a dish washer. Don’t expect central air. Most apartments have a window/wall unit in the bedroom only. Fans will be your best friend ! You can buy a good fan in Roseau at Astaphans store. In Picard fans are available at James’ Store and the store next to Hope Restaurant. The Blue Sky Home Center in Portsmouth sells fans as well.


16 Responses to Housing

  1. G says:

    Hello. I was wondering if we could rate or share some of our housing experiences on this website because the Ross housing site is not as easy to navigate and share stories. I literally just had a nightmare about one landlord I stayed with. Maybe people can share and rate their experiences for others to be informed?

    • What I would refer you to would be Value MD and the website of the Ross Spouses Organization. They both have pages where you can comment on your experiences with particular landlords. Also, if the landlord you had a bad experience with is an official landlord on the Ross database absolutely report them to the Housing office.

  2. Monicka says:

    Thank you for building this site. So informative. I refer to it constantly when I am starting to freak out about my arrival this year. Thanks again.

  3. Gloria says:

    I’m a new student for Fall 2011. I have several “practical Questions re: Housing (and others). I know you guys are very busy studying, but would greatly appreciate your responses;

    Is there any bugs/roaches/mice problem?
    Is first floor safe enough?
    Isn’t top floor too hot? I’m not sure if basement is better option or the top?
    Do students really use “maid service”? is there any problem re: security?
    Which landlord would you recommend most?

    Thank you

    • Hi Gloria! Congratulations on being accepted. Bugs are part of life in Dominica, however, you should be able to find a place to live that is acceptable-with little to no problems inside. Some landlords include pest control in the rent, so that may be a question you want to ask. You can purchase over the counter products as well that are very effective.

      First floor is safe as long as there are burglar bars on windows.

      You get better air flow and usually less bugs when you are further from the ground.

      Maid service is usually included in the rent here. Look on valuemd and the ross spouses organization websites to see if there are any comments re: particular problems. I’ve never met anyone here who was stolen from by a maid service, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

      There are so many landlords here. Again, I recommend checking out valuemd housing forum and ross spouses housing forum.

      Good luck !

  4. Peter says:

    do you know anything about Shillingford Apt on Banana trail? would you recommend it? how about the one on Sulphur Springs Rd , Banana Trail?

  5. hong says:

    do you recommend yellow bird apartment?

  6. To see a map of how the trails are laid out, visit the Ross Spouses organization’s website: http://rossmedspouses.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/picard-area-map1.png

  7. Rhoda says:

    No more housing tours?? That was a real adventure.

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